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Problem importing data from xBase 94  Garry Allen  03/18/2017 03:44PM 
Last Post by Garry Allen
Sharing Data In RAM Between Apps 144  André Labuschagné  03/18/2017 09:44AM 
Last Post by Tor-Bjarne
Running More Than One Instance 98  André Labuschagné  03/18/2017 07:07AM 
Last Post by Yogi Yang
Send Message To A Program 121  10  André Labuschagné  03/17/2017 01:07AM 
Last Post by André Labu...
wxDevcon 2017 166  andy stapleton user status icon global  03/16/2017 08:58PM 
Last Post by André Labu...
HfSql; How to prevent user to log in to HfSQL control center 190  15  Frans user status icon global  03/16/2017 06:12PM 
Last Post by Frans
[WD20] Urgent! My analysis links are all messed up. 120  Curtis  03/16/2017 05:17PM 
Last Post by Curtis
Windows 10 update and Certificate 373  19  Sammy Broeders  03/16/2017 04:28PM 
Last Post by Sammy Broe...
[WB19] FileDisplay without opening file 52  Ericus  03/16/2017 03:58PM 
Last Post by Piet van Z...
fCurrentDir Behaviour 56  André Labuschagné  03/16/2017 10:15AM 
Last Post by André Labu...
Trapping For Alt-F4 On Exit 69  André Labuschagné  03/15/2017 09:59PM 
Last Post by André Labu...
SysIconAdd WD 21 57  André Labuschagné  03/15/2017 08:32PM 
Last Post by André Labu...
Importing From Another Project 117  André Labuschagné  03/15/2017 06:36PM 
Last Post by André Labu...
Announcing "Open Source" applications for WINDEV/WD MOBILE 661  18  Steven Sitas user status icon global  03/15/2017 04:33PM 
Last Post by Harry W
[WM21] - FTPListFile 85  Ben Adams  03/15/2017 09:53AM 
Last Post by Ben Adams
Joypad input USB 108  Stefano Giavardi  03/14/2017 09:27PM 
Last Post by Stefano Gi...
[wm21 - android] declare structure question 65  ccc2  03/14/2017 01:25PM 
Last Post by ccc2
WD-20 Error while window Loading 41  SSP  03/14/2017 12:04PM 
Last Post by SSP
AAD - Customize User interface 68  Mark Thomas  03/14/2017 11:49AM 
Last Post by Mark Thomas
Spreadsheet Advice - WebDev 113  André Labuschagné  03/14/2017 07:47AM 
Last Post by André Labu...
Procedure Read Only 61  André Labuschagné  03/12/2017 05:43PM 
Last Post by André Labu...
Email Sender 138  André Labuschagné  03/11/2017 02:46PM 
Last Post by André Labu...
MySQL Server has gone away 228  13  Sarah Tanti  03/11/2017 02:20PM 
Last Post by Sarah Tanti
190 Evolution skin changed from WebDev 20 to 21? 80  Michael Rug  03/11/2017 12:34AM 
Last Post by Al
How save is HfSql opening portforwarding 184  Frans user status icon global  03/10/2017 06:20PM 
Last Post by Frans
Hash from windows to ios - Solved 146  DW user status icon global  03/10/2017 03:39AM 
Last Post by ccc2
How to change a SOAP tag ? 59  Jimboss user status icon global  03/09/2017 06:14PM 
Last Post by Jimboss
WB20 - Looper 91  SolutionJ-Reg user status icon global  03/09/2017 06:12PM 
Last Post by SolutionJ-...
PCS should come out new flexible pricing 151  ccc2  03/07/2017 03:00PM 
Last Post by Jose Anton...
[WD/WM] Socket server 105  Rik  03/07/2017 02:34PM 
Last Post by Jose Anton...
[WD18] DBF merge files problem (or Native Access problem?) 205  14  Marijan Tomasic  03/07/2017 02:20PM 
Last Post by Marijan To...
WebDev Project Master 87  John Fligg  03/06/2017 03:31PM 
Last Post by DarrenF
[WD20] Creation of 2 different Windows services on the same project 145  Yaku  03/06/2017 02:14PM 
Last Post by Yaku
[WD-20] Header Missing in Internal Report 39  SSP  03/06/2017 11:22AM 
Last Post by SSP
WD-20 Lock in a datafile 102  SSP  03/05/2017 06:16PM 
Last Post by DarrenF
WM20 HTML CONTROL 58  PETER ZHOU  03/04/2017 09:09PM 
Last Post by Fabrice Ha...
wd21: where to download sample projects for 003-013 new features? 131  kingdr  03/04/2017 05:42PM 
Last Post by kingdr
WD21 - HideShow control 119  Giovanni Carella  03/04/2017 12:53PM 
Last Post by Fabrice Ha...
Available 89  Donald Montaine user status icon global  03/04/2017 07:08AM 
Last Post by Donald Mon...
WM:How to download PDF from http URL? 59  asterd  03/03/2017 10:32PM 
Last Post by asterd
[WM20] Call to Webservice works in Android v5 and v6 but not in v3 or v4 37  Neil Porter  03/03/2017 10:07PM 
Last Post by Neil Porter
How to trap an error globally? 77  John Fligg  03/03/2017 03:12PM 
Last Post by John Fligg
[WM21] Slow Interface 123  Andrew Strubhar  03/02/2017 02:02PM 
Last Post by kingdr
Email with attachment/integerated content (Custom Preview) 150  Rik  03/02/2017 12:17PM 
Last Post by Aad Gouka
WM: access bundled images from native code 103  asterd  03/01/2017 10:03PM 
Last Post by asterd
[wm21 - android] how to generate MD5 for multiplatform 77  ccc2  03/01/2017 01:25PM 
Last Post by ccc2
Push notification icon 66  asterd  02/28/2017 03:47PM 
Last Post by asterd
[HFSQL] need help with some SQL 109  KenKnight user status icon global  02/27/2017 05:21PM 
Last Post by KenKnight
[WB-21] List Of Values in Table Control 116  SSP  02/26/2017 10:05PM 
Last Post by Stefan Ben...
New competitor... 336  Art Bonds  02/26/2017 10:27AM 
Last Post by Tor-Bjarne
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